Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

  • To uphold the evangelical FAITH as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and expressed in the Statement of Faith of Evangelical Alliance of Singapore.
  • To foster the FELLOWSHIP of churches and Christian organisations through prayer and networking/ sharing of information, resources and facilities.
  • To provide a FORUM for evangelicals to engage in biblical reflection and voice their concerns on national and international issues.
  • To build an enabling FRAMEWORK among local and global evangelical bodies for evangelism, missions and service.


Objects for which the Alliance is established:

  • To uphold the historic Evangelical Faith as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and as expressed in the Statement of Faith.
  • To provide an enabling framework for building up the Christian Church in Singapore through concerted prayer, co-operative evangelism, coordinated missions programme and a coordinating information and resource centre and other related facilities.
  • To pray and work for the renewal of the Church and for the deepening of the spiritual lives of its members.
  • To present a united Christian witness in evangelism, service and mission.
  • To propagate the Gospel and teaching of Jesus Christ in cooperation with all evangelical bodies both nationally and globally.
  • To promote greater cooperation among the various evangelical bodies by sharing resources and by mutual encouragement.
  • To arrange and conduct meetings for the advancement of Christianity and to provide counselling classes and training for the said purpose.
  • To promote or participate in promoting the welfare of mankind on Christian, charitable and benevolent principles.
  • To promote education or participation in schemes calculated to promote education with a Christian emphasis.
  • To publish and promote Christian literature in Singapore and other parts of the world.


EAS is partnering with world Evangelical Alliance, the Bible Society of Singapore and Protestant Community Evangelical Church Mauritius to support the humanitarian initiatives of the Christian churches.


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