Syrian refugee children joyful to hear stories of Jesus in Jordan

Syrian refugee children joyful to hear stories of Jesus in Jordan

November 11, 2021. Syrian refugee children joyful to hear stories of Jesus in JordanBritish and Foreign Bible Society. Retrieved from

‘Today I learned more about Jesus, that he is a good man, he loves us, and we must love him and set an example for others in our lives,’ said 13-year-old Fatima after leaving a Bible class in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

Fatima is one of many children who attend a children’s ministry programme in an old neighbourhood of Eastern Amman that is running thanks to the continuing generosity of Bible Society supporters.

She heads down streets too narrow for cars as locals pass by headed for Friday prayers in one of the many mosques.

Fatima is among a group of children who jump on a Bible Society team bus on a wider road that takes them to and from a church building.

‘I come to church every Friday because it is the place that helps me do the things I love, like learning, drawing, singing and playing,’ she said.

Fatima has four young brothers that she helps care for and mentor. They are among more than an estimated 650,000 refugees that live in Jordan after fleeing the conflict in neighbouring Syria. These families are poor. Parents find it difficult to get work. Children lack education. They have been particularly vulnerable during this coronavirus pandemic.

‘I take care of my brothers even though I am young myself. I always feel unloved being the only girl in a house filled with boys,’ Fatima said.

You can see the fatigue in Fatima’s face but also you can see joy too. During the walk to the Bible Society bus she was asked about these contrasting emotions revealed in her face and eyes. Where does that joy come from?

‘I feel Jesus’ love for me and I love learning more about him,’ she said. ‘I eagerly wait for Friday every week to go to church and hear new stories about Jesus.’

It was a particularly special day too. Thanks to the kind giving of Bible Society supporters such as yourself Fatima was given a really special gift.

‘Today, I am so happy to receive my first private Bible,’ she said with a smile brushing away the tired look.

Thanks to the amazing support of people such as yourself many refugee families have received Scriptures, practical help and Bible-based trauma healing.


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