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Evangelical Alliance of Singapore
Our Vision & Mission


EAS is partnering with World Evangelical Alliance, The Bible Society of Singapore and Protestant Community Evangelical Church Mauritius to support the humanitarian initiatives of the Christian churches in Myanmar. 

We hope that our financial support to MECA will alleviate the suffering and difficulties of a nation in turmoil since the military coup on February 1. The funds raised are primarily to provide basic medical supplies and humanitarian needs to support the local Christian communities.

Rev. Ezekiel Tan
Vice-Chairman & General Secretary, EAS
BE SILVER... with St. Luke's Hospital
St. Luke's Hospital opened 25 years ago in 1996, celebrating its anniversary on St. Luke's Feast Day, October 18.
The St. Luke's Hospital Silver Anniversary Film premiered on October 15. You may also want to check out the Being Silver eBook, available for download here.

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