In this day and age, quality parent-child bonding time is scarce. Besides busy schedules and hectic lives, parents are contending with technology and social media for their children’s attention. How can we spend quality time with our kids, and also nurture them in Christ?

NextGen Ministry is pleased to present Come Play with Me!—an art therapy workshop which aims to provide a space for parents and children to bond over art!

At this event you and your child can:

  • Have the opportunity to create a piece of artwork together, and
  • In the process, get to know each other better!
Date & Time: March 12, 2022, Saturday; 1030hr-1230hr
Venue: via Zoom
Amount Due (SGD): FREE

Sign up with your children* for a rich experience through play, as well as learn ways to boost your children’s self-esteem and build their faith In Jesus!

What is this event/workshop about?

Come Play with Me! is an art therapy workshop organised by NextGen Ministry and EAS, in collaboration with Arting Hearts. The workshop involves parents and children working together to create an artwork, and through it, spend time bonding and getting to know each other better.

What can we take home from this?

This workshop is designed to foster stronger bonds between parent and child through creative play. During the workshop, we will be sharing some tips about bolstering your child’s self-esteem, as well as ways to help build their faith. Also, you get to keep the beautiful artworks you make with your children!

Who can participate?

This workshop is suitable for parents, and children ages 6-12.


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