[Feb. 8 – May 24, 2022] Certificate in Practical Children’s Ministry 2022

Time & Location
08 Feb 2022, 7:00 pm – 24 May 2022, 9:30 pm on Zoom

About the Event
The need for training, whether to acquire teaching skills “tools” or to be refreshed, is an on-going life learning process. Teachers are commanded by God to teach the ways of God to the children according to Deuteronomy Chapter 6. Teachers would require “tools” to effectively teach the children 2 Timothy 2:15.

Scripture Union Singapore aims to train Sunday school teachers in a “fun” way. Sunday school teachers will then be able to apply the “tools” to engage children in the Word of God; to help children experience God; and to empower their children as disciples of God.

Full-cert Fee: S$525.00

Topical Fee: S$40 per topic

Registration link: https://forms.gle/r5dzJhAkLX69br3B8

Registration Closing Date : 21 Jan 2022 (applicable to full-cert applicants only)

Training Day & Time: Weekly Tuesdays, 07:30pm to 09:30pm

Orientation for full-cert students : 08 February 2022 @ 6:30-7:30pm (via zoom)


Module ONE – Children Spiritual Development (CD)

08 Feb __ CD01 Biblical Basis of Children’s Ministry

15 Feb __ CD02 Age-appropriate Learning & What Makes Children Learn

22 Feb __ CD03 Creative Worship

01 Mar__ CD04 Disciple-making (Witnessing & Spiritual Family)


Module TWO – Teacher Development & Skills (TD)

08 Mar __ TD01 Growing as a Teacher

15 Mar __ TD02 Basic Pastoral Care

22 Mar __ TD03 Teaching to Change Lives

29 Mar __ TD04 Creative Classroom Management & Discipline

05 Apr __ TD05 Basic Teaching Engagement


Module THREE – Teaching Techniques (TT)

12 Apr __ TT01 Creative Lesson Planning

19 Apr __ TT02 Basic Practical Teaching Skills

26 Apr __ TT03 Creative Ways of Scripture Memorization

10 May __ TT04 Creative Story-telling Techniques

17 May __ TT05 Using Objects & Games that Teach Bible Truths

24 May __ TT06 Reaching the Next Generation


EAS is partnering with world Evangelical Alliance, the Bible Society of Singapore and Protestant Community Evangelical Church Mauritius to support the humanitarian initiatives of the Christian churches.


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