Date: 8th Tue, 15th Tue, 24th Thursday & 29th Tue March 2022
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Location: Online via Zoom
Course Fees: $100 (working adults) / $60 (students)


1. Biblical Worldview and Current Trends – Luke Zachary Ng

· Youth trends are ever-evolving and adults are feeling worn out just in keeping up. How do culture and trends affect the way Youth perceive truths in the bible? In this topic, one will understand the deeper roots of youth culture and trends and how to navigate it through the Biblical lens.

2. Mentoring and Discipleship – Fuji Yew

· It is important for our youths to have someone that they can walk with and depend on yet many of our youths find themselves without one. This topic teaches the importance of a mentor-mentee relationship. Learn how we can create a culture of mentorship and discipleship in our church.

3. Constructive Conversations on Challenging Issues – Jose Philip

· In a post-modern society, contrasting views are common. In this topic, find out how leaders can address challenging concerns while being true to the Bible without burning bridges. Discover a framework and guideline to navigate difficult questions from a biblical perspective.

4. Christian Education for Youth Ministry – Ps Simon Say

· Finding the Youth Ministry too detached from the main congregation? Many youth leaders struggle to plan a holistic curriculum that is aligned with the church’s mission and vision. This topic focuses on understanding the role of leaders and how we can build a framework to guide our planning to be aligned with our church.

Participants who complete all 4 sessions will receive a digital certificate of completion at the end of the program.

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